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What Is The Effect Of
A Lot Of Screen Time?

Presently, we spend more time than ever on screens, with digital devices being a cornerstone of our work and personal lives. Many people don't stop to think about the toll this increased screentime could be taking on our eyes. Here's a sneak peak.

Did You Know:

On average, people spent
44% of their waking hours

looking at screens*

7 out of 10

people surveyed said they experience
eyestrain from too much time on
digital devices * (source)


of those people never take breaks
when looking at screens* (source)

What Is

Neurolens identifies how your eyes are over-compensating at far, intermediate, and particularly near distances. If an imbalance, or eye misalignment, is detected in your vision, then Dr. Shields will walk through your symptoms with you and prescribe these prescription lenses for relief.
Dr. Shields is one of the few providers in the area to offer Neurolens technology.

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